An innovative approach to generating new leads for your business is through paid search. You’ve probably been exposed to paid search yourself if you have a social media account or use search engine tools like Google.

Paid search advertisements offer an excellent advantage for your business because they allow your business to appear on the first page of Google search results faster than it would take to do so organically. With the right budget and message, online users will want to click on your advertisement first, giving you a higher ROI.

To maximize your paid advertising efforts, we know that more sales plus a cheaper spend will equal the greatest success. To achieve this goal, we will set you up with an AdWords account on Google to target your specific audience using analytics and keywords. Over time, we can plan, monitor, and improve the advertisements based on how the ads are performing.

In addition to Google AdWords, we recommend running Facebook Ads on the social media platform to earn more leads and sales for your business in an even faster capacity. Facebook Ads are similar to AdWords, where you can reach your target audience. This time, however, you can input the characteristics that you would like your target audience to hold, such as interests or geographical location, and place the Facebook Ads right in front of them when they are on the platform.

Both methods of paid search are developed based on a data-driven campaign that we will craft for your law firm to drive engaging ads. The direction of each may be adjusted throughout the campaign, but the goal of earning your clients and profits remain.

Your website is an ongoing sales representative for your brand. Google and Facebook allow your business to expand those efforts and reach people where they are. Though you will have to pay a little bit to extend those efforts, this form of advertising will give you the highest return.

Throughout our business relationship, we will keep in contact with you to ensure that the content that we create sounds and looks like you, and are pieces that you are proud to display. We want your vision behind each blog post, article, video, photo, and other types of content to show the story behind your business rather than just telling who you are as an attorney.

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