Law firms have a fantastic opportunity to earn leads that could turn into clients through powerful email marketing. As a service that comes directly to your potential clients’ inbox, you are providing valuable information that is relevant to them.

As a legal marketing agency, we understand that you have dozens of clients who believe they will not need to obtain legal representation again. However, keeping your business in the back of their mind for those “just-in-case” scenarios is precisely what your clients need.

These past clients give you the list of contacts that you need to create an email list. If you have not gathered email addresses in the past, for the future, make sure that you collect an email from each client to stay in communication with them.

Email lists do not have to consist of only previous clients. By creating content pieces that are valuable to people looking for a specific type of lawyer, individuals can give you their information to receive these pieces and be contacted in the future.

We do this by creating content offers. These offers provide free legal information in return for a website visitor’s contact information. The hope is that you will receive leads that you can then contact to set up consultations. These contacts are then placed into what we call “drip campaigns,” where emails are automated depending on where the website visitors are in the process of obtaining legal representation.

Don’t worry; we will handle everything and are happy to discuss the email marketing process in more detail with you. We’ve been leading the digital marketing efforts of our legal clients for over a decade and know what it takes for email campaigns to be successful. With the right marketing team, you are on your way to obtaining new leads and clients.

Throughout our business relationship, we will keep in contact with you to ensure that the content that we create sounds and looks like you, and are pieces that you are proud to display. We want your vision behind each blog post, article, video, photo, and other types of content to show the story behind your business rather than just telling who you are as an attorney.

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