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Current Trends in Facebook Optimization

With over 60 million different Facebook business pages maintaining an active presence on what remains one of the world's most popular social media platforms, remaining competitive and reaching new customers can seem like impossible tasks. Of course, it does take a lot of work to create and maintain a page that actively engages with visitors [...]

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Watch Out YouTube! Facebook And Instagram Are Coming For You!

Facebook and Instagram are looking to become destination video sites -- or, at least, it's looking that way. Last month, both social networks announced new video initiatives and features that cater towards content creators and offer new ways for users to interact with the sites. Earlier in June, Facebook announced it would launch funded news [...]

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7 Strategies to Make the Best of a Bad Situation When I was in college, I took a summer job working at a small engine repair shop (e.g., chainsaws, lawnmowers, go-carts, and so on). This by itself is comical, because I am one of the most non-mechanical people I know. Fortunately, they hired me as [...]

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